Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a football player with a big heart

I read on the Internet just now that Peyton Manning's days as a Professional Football
Player may be over.

But for me football is not what Peyton Manning is all about.

because Peyton Manning built:


where my g-son got the Best Loving~Professional~Caring Treatment Possible

and because of  Peyton Manning - Jude is going to grow up to Big and Strong.

all I can say is - Peyton Manning - thanks.

from the bottom of my Heart.

i owe ya

and by the way are you into a Relationship?
:  ]


-FJ said...

Sounds like Peyton Place... :)

sue hanes said...

-FJ - I Really got carried away by asking PM if he had a Relationship.
I read just this afternoon that this Really Generous and Bighearted Football Player has Twins.

But he must be Smart - I mean he is a Quarterback.

The Absolute Marxist said...

That depends.Does hecall hisown plays?

sue hanes said...

Probably Abso.

But he's a football player and I'm not into Sports.