Monday, January 30, 2012

the nice Black guy in the elevator

While riding in the Elevator this morning at about 7:35 am (sorry redundant) -
I was accompanied by a tall Black man - not skinny but rather well built - and
most likely in's often hard to determine age in Black men dontja think -
but he had the nicest demeanor  - dressed in a lovely black overcoat with his
hands folded politely in front of him - and he remarked - as the elevator went
down - that he had been to see his Mother - before going to Work - isn't that

Now just last night when I was coming back from Kicking A Little Butt at the
Nurses Station about connecting my Laptop to the Wireless - I had caught
a glimpse of a Black Woman in the bed in 3103 - and had thought:

This is indeed a nice Hospital here - with a Token Black Person.  : ]

As I went on my way to Breakfast - I smiled to myself - thinking of the
Nice Black Man who had a rather Dreamy Look in his Eyes - thinking
of how he had Just Taken The Time To Visit His Mother Before Going
Off To Work That Day.   : )

I didn't inquire about where he Worked - and I plead Confusion and Fatigue
from being up so much of the Night  - but I'm quite sure that this Fine Black
Man holds a Position of Trust - well he was Tastefully Dressed.

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