Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the silly monkey/WAY TO GO MITT

Yesterday I made a third and Final  : [  visit to the Really Cool Gift Shop here
at the Best Hospital Ever - Bloomington North.

Right off I spot something I hadn't seen Before.

a rack of  Mood Monkeys

Now I knew that I didn't have much Time To Fool Around - so I quickly
checked them all out.

And let me tell  ya - Folks - these Monkeys are Sharp - and Unpretentious.

About 12 inches long - each had been cleverly dress in colorful attire - to indicate
which Mood they would Represent.

For my more Dominant Mood - I chose the Silly Monkey.  :  ]

The Silly Monkey is Dressed in your Basic Abstract Light Green and Yellow
with knee-high deep pink and white Socks.

Let me tell ya folks when it comes to Classy:

THIS  MOOD  MONKEY  IS  TO  DIE  FOR - if not a bit pricey at $10.99

Made by Aurora.

but the best part of my new mood monkey is that it is appropriately sporting -
and this is where Mitt Romney fits in:

a big...     


And so I would like to say to both the Winner of the Florida Primaries

and the Republican Most Likely Be The Choosen One 

and to Imcumbent And Really Cool President of the United States

Barack Obama


 and may the best Man win.

:  ]

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