Tuesday, February 14, 2012

as she lay dying

Yesterday - early afternoon - the Nurse and the Hospice Lady both said:


So I called my Brother and My Sister-in-Law and they came to the Hospital.

There were about 6 of us there and we felt the need for Music - for my Mom.

I couldn't find my Preservation Jazz Band cd - Just a Closer Walk With Thee - and I was going to go with U-tube - something like Precious Lord Take My Hand - but I remembered that it would stop/go/stop/go so I grabbed Thriller and we partied to that for most of it. I even treated them to a few dance steps - I couldn't help myself. : ] they smiled - even when I did a little zombie stuff

I mean he's Michael Jackson - isn't he?

But nothing happened yesterday afternoon or last night - and here we are again today.

And still we Wait.

Later I'm gonna drive over and pick up Chinese - since they don't eat like I do here.

And it will Happen When It Happens.

And That Is All Ye Know And All Ye Need To Know.

but really Joe ya shouldn't have shut down your comment section - not now.

prvt 2 bl - u r hr wth me - ll uv th tm bl

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