Sunday, February 26, 2012

about the Oscars

The 1st awards were given out at a Private Brunch on May 16th, 1929 -
at the HOLLYWOOD ROOSEVELT HOTEL - with 270 People attending.

15 Statuettes were presented - with the 1st Best Actor Award going
to Emil Jennings.

The Origin of the name of the Coveted Statuette - OSCAR - has been under debate
for years - with Bette Davis claiming that SHE named it after her
1st husband - Oscar Nelson.

But the Academy's executive secretary - Margaret Herrick suggested
that it looked like her Uncle Oscar.

Of course there are Others.

But at any rate - don't we all just ADORE that little Gold Fellow -
folks - and no matter WHO he was named after - HE CERTAINLY HAS
EARNED HIS PLACE IN HISTORY. I know I would be honored to get one -
if I were in acting - that is.

And I - for one - will join the ranks of the MANY folks who will
be watching tonight - whether we like to admit it or not - and will
thrill to the Words - and the Oscar goes to...

I will be pulling for Two People - not because I saw their movies
or anything - but just because.

And they are:

George Clooney

Meryl Streep

because I like them -

and because they probably deserve it.

but i still think there should be a special award given to
bill maher - i mean didja see him in Cannibal Jungle of
the Avacado Women? what a hunk :]


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