Sunday, February 26, 2012

out of my mind or stidh's best Oscar moments

To kick off my coverage for the 2012 Oscars - I would like to
list a few of my Favorite Moments from Past Oscars.

Certainly this is not all of them - but I was reading PARADE MAGAZINE
just now - a newspaper supplement which I try never to miss because
they often do Great Celebrity Cover Stories - and I like Other things
about it - and thought of a few of my Favorite Oscar Moments - and
I'd like to share them with You:

~my fave best picture - BEN-HUR

~I was so mad when Johnny Depp didn't get it for Finding Neverland
that I shut off the tv with the first syllable of the winner's name

~CRASH - folks

~any great Production Number

~TITANIC - good pick

~happy for Peter Jackson for LOTR trilogy which is SOOOOO GREAT

~CATHERINE ZETA-JONES really nailed it in Chicago

~Bill Maher presenting Outstanding Film Achievement in 2008

~GOOD WILL HUNTING both Ben Affleck & Matt Damon for Best Screenplay
and ESPECIALLY Robin Williams for best supporting actor

~really mad that Tom Hanks DID NOT WIN for SPR - give me a break here

~Russell Crowe shoulda gotten it for his SUPREME ACTING in portraying
the COURAGEOUS John Nash


~and do I have to mention that ADRIAN BRODY WAS SO AMAZING in his role
as The Pianist and showed us the Truth About The Human Spirit - and the
will to live - in spite of such excruciatingly devestating hurtful personal
feelings that must have existed in his Heart

~THE GODFATHER 1 & 2 - ya got it right there people

~JACK NICHOLSON - nuff said


~HEAT - yes


~and why wasn't bill maher recognized for d.c. cab?

Of course there are SO MANY OTHERS - everyone who won and didn't win
that make movies SO GREAT.

I heart movies.

it's as simple as that

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