Saturday, February 25, 2012


It's so Beautiful.

Have to hurry now before the roads get slippery.

I want to make the trip to B & N.

I can do it.


nicrap said...

Any particular book you have in mind?

sue hanes said...

Since ya asked - nicrap.

I WAS planning to get Alexandra
Wentworth's book - Ali in Wonderland - but when I got there I couldn't resist buying ALMOST PRESIDENT - BY Scott Farris.

You see - nicrap - Alexandra Wentworth is soooo cool. She was on Bill's show - Real Time last Friday night (a week ago) so I decided to buy her book. And I still intend to as soon as I have the dough,

Sayy - nicrap - if ya want to get some insight on Bill Maher - check out his interview with Adam Carolla - you can google it.

This Adam Carolla is Really great.
And also the interview tells about Bill's early life and other things.

sue hanes said...

Also - AW was the daughter of Nancy Reagan's social secretary so she has lots of stories to tell about those People from the perspective of a young girl, etc. and she does a good job doing it.

nicrap said...

Thanks for the info, ma'am ... i will surely chk her.

And i will also chk the Bill Maher interview. Thanks!

sue hanes said...
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