Thursday, February 23, 2012


Thank you - Bill.

For what you might ask?

For Stepping Up And Doing This For Our Country.

from the bottom of my Heart -



nicrap said...

...why should you think that nobody comments at your place? Lo! here i am ... for what it worth. Only do tell me of the many blogs that are listed in your profile to which should i stick? :)

sue hanes said...

Your choice - D*ickh**d.

nicrap - I've missed you. I've missed your literary genius - and your beautiful profile picture. I would love to sit down and talk with you for hours - about the Great Writers.

I'm glad you are back - Nicrap.

Say - nicrap - didja see Bill's show? Didn't he do such a great job? And he looked so handsome. I think he combed his hair a little differently tonight - and I absolutely LOVED it.

And the shirt - I loved the Shirt.

And the Set was So Great. Who did the set - nicrap.

Well - back to bed - ya know it's 3o'clock in the morning here. And I need my sleep - after all I'm 11 years older than you are -


nicrap said...

lol! You sure are one of your kind...


...Now you have made me look him up, Bill Maher, i mean... it says he is a stand up, and his face does seem familiar. Is he really so good, then?

And how do you know how old i am?

nicrap said...

nyt! :)

sue hanes said...

nicrap - Just a lucky guess.

But let me tell ya about Bill.

He is a Genuis on all levels.

Politics - Religion - Standup Comedy - and There Are Others.

You really ought to watch some of his Stuff - nicrap.

He is the Greatest!

sue hanes said...


I don't know what that means - nicrap.

sue hanes said...

The Set - The Set was so good that it was amazing - Nicrap.

kind of abstract - yeah - like a Really good abstract painting

nicrap said...

...that should make you 43, a delectable age. ;)

I am sure to keep an eye out for Mr. Maher, ma'am ... ;)

sue hanes said...

Why nicrap - you are only 32 years old - and already you are so Smart - Intelligent - Really.

I am So flattered that a handsome young man - with your whole Life ahead of you - bothers to comment on the Blog of one so old as me.

And yes - do keep your eye on Bill
Maher - because he is Just Getting
Started. Even though he has already contributed SO MUCH to this Great Country Of Ours - I know there is so much more that he is going to do.

And nicrap - I sincerely Hope that I will be receiving more of your Really Great Comments.

Thanks nicrap - and take care.

nicrap said...

Why, ma'am, it's a pleasure to comment here ... only i wish you would spare my blushes and not call me smart, intelligent and such like. As you yourself said i am too young, and have still much to do. :)

btw, i have many new posts at my blog here. Do visit in case if you haven't recently... :)

sue hanes said...

nicrap - I checked out your Reallly Cool Blog - and I intend to visit again soon - and even comment.

But until then - I would just like to say that I hope you will continue to comment here - because you are such a Gentleman - and a young handsome one at that - nicrap.

: ]