Saturday, February 25, 2012

a book I just bought

Not the one I went after though.

The Name of this one is:

ALMOST PRESIDENT - The Men Who Lost The Race
But Changed The Nation

And haven't I been saying just that very thing on my BLOG -
(see my post about that) HOW WE OWE THESE LOSERS BIGTIME.

In his Book - ALMOST PRESIDENT - Scott Farris writes about
12 Men in 10 Chapters:

Henry Clay

Stephen Douglas

William Jennings Bryan

Al Smith

Thonas E, Dewey

Adlai Stevenson

Barry Goldwater

George McGovern

Ross Perot

Al Gore~John Kerry~John McCain

Men Who Almost Were President of the United States

But for me it goes Deeper than that.

My list of Almost President includes People like:

Ralph Nadar

Sarah Palin (a woman)

Mitt Romney (too soon to call)

Jon Huntsman

Geraldine Ferraro

Al Gore

and especially Ron Paul

just to name a few - and of course there are Others.

Surely some of these People just knew all along that they
didn't have a rat's *ss if a chance to be President of the United States.

Then why did they Forge on?

Why did they spend their Precious Time And Money pursuing an
Elusive Butterfly.

Perhaps Only They Know.

Maybe They don't even know.

Was it Hope?

Or Their Fifteen Minutes Of Fame?

Most likely they were All Dedicated Americans Who Wanted To
Make The Country A Better Place In Which To Live.

kinda like the Really dedicated Bill Maher who donated ONE MILLION
Dollars of his Hard Earned Money so that President Obama could have
a Second Term - and this is American folks where anything can and
does happen in a Presidential Election Year so let's not get
complacent and ASSUME anything

Whatever The Reason That These Really Cool People Ran For President
But Didn't Get The Job - I'm here to say that MY HAT'S OFF TO THEM.

and they are all going to be on my no hit list : ]

Scott Farris is a former bureau chief for United Press International
and a political columnist. He lives in Portland, Oregon - with his
wife and two children.


nicrap said...

It's like my list of all those women i could have dated but did not... :(

I guess, "you must wear your rue with a difference".

nicrap said...


sue hanes said...

nicrap - In other words - breaking up is hard to do.

If you find your 'one true love in life' - it is hard to 'let go' of it.

But it is better to have loved - than not to have loved at all.

Who said that - nicrap?

On never mind - I'll google it and get back to you.

sue hanes said...

nicrap - It is from:

Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem -
In Memorium 27, 1850 -

I hold it true, what'er befall;

'Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all.

Now nicrap - the above quote is what Tennyson says.

But if you notice - I omitted the words 'and lost.'

What do ya think of them apples - nicrap?

nicrap said...

So she went by herself into her chamber, and got ready a poisoned apple: the outside looked very rosy and tempting, but whoever tasted it was sure to die. Then she dressed herself up as a peasant's wife, and travelled over the hills to the dwarfs' cottage, and knocked at the door; but Snowdrop put her head out of the window and said, 'I dare not let anyone in, for the dwarfs have told me not.' 'Do as you please,' said the old woman, 'but at any rate take this pretty apple; I will give it you.' 'No,' said Snowdrop, 'I dare not take it.' 'You silly girl!' answered the other, 'what are you afraid of? Do you think it is poisoned? Come! do you eat one part, and I will eat the other.' Now the apple was so made up that one side was good, though the other side was poisoned. Then Snowdrop was much tempted to taste, for the apple looked so very nice; and when she saw the old woman eat, she could wait no longer. But she had scarcely put the piece into her mouth, when she fell down dead upon the ground.

nicrap said...


The Absolute Marxist said...
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The Absolute Marxist said...

Still waiting for your ogre...? ;)

sue hanes said...

I know that story - nicrap.

And as I recall - although the foolish girl bit of the apple - she wasn't Really dead - and didn't the Handsome prince come and kiss her?

and didn't they live Happily - ever
after - nicrap?

sue hanes said...

Abso - I guess she got tired of waiting too.

Waiting is Hard - Abso - especially when you are a Faithless, Impatient Person Like Me - With A Suspicious Mind Filled With So Many Doubts & Fears...