Saturday, February 25, 2012

what's on stidh's agenda for today :]

Today I plan to:

~Empty two wastebaskets - done

~scrub the kitchen floor (on my hands & knees) - done

~play the Piano a little - done & will play more scales & arp.

~paint a little on the Room Divider - not yet but I will

~look at some of the backlog of magazines I have bought - tonight
RS with PMcC on the cover/MS living/Others

~trip to B & N for book - done

~write a couple of things on my many Blogs - wip

~clean out my Purse & to rummage for sm. change - done

~dinner with a friend - myself

~SNL - at least 1st half hour

~any reruns of RT


wht's n YER wllt bl - nt mch im thnkn :[


Anonymous said...

well don't skimp on the piano playing. i'll be butchering the moonlight sonata


sue hanes said...

Mike - I'm Really encouraged about Piano.

As of today I started playing Scales & Arpeggios - intermittently with housework and my Other activites - and I can see that they are going to strengthen my fingers - and improve my technique in general.

In fact - I may just continue with Scales, etc. and even Hanon for this upcoming week - rather than play anything else.

You just go right ahead with the Moonlight Sonata - Mike.

and in my heart I know that you are very good on piano and just being modest

Thanks Mike.