Thursday, February 16, 2012

the hospice lady

The Hospice Lady and I were visiting and she was telling
me about how she liked to sew.

Now I don't remember what I said - and you know me -
but I must have mentioned Politics - and President Obama.

All at once I heard her say -

President Obama is such a nice - sweet person.

That got my attention so - not being shy : ] - I said
and how would you know that?

She said very calmly because I've met him 20 or 30 times.

I snapped to attention - sensing that I was on to something -
and said:

And just where did you meet him?

It was then that The Hospice Lady took me to a place I had
never been before. And this is what she talked about for the
next 45 minutes or so:


The Hopsice Lady told me that she and her husband both worked
in a restaurant in Chicago called Mitchell's. I think he was
a chef and she said that she was in management and did waitressing.

She went on to tell about President Obama - that he was

~a man that Believed Strongly In God

~a dedicated Family Man

~and as she first said - a Very Nice - Sweet - and Sincere Man.

And then she just rambled on - as I sat at attention - with Stars
in my eyes.

I saw my chance and didn't pass it up - and blurted out:

Tell me Everything and Name Names.

And she did.

Sometimes I would interrupt her with questions - and I could
tell that I had opened up a Window To Her Past that she obviously
enjoyed talking about.

And then - without warning - I knew that it was over. And in the
next few days - when she came in to check on my mom - and the rest
of us - we never mentioned it again.

But there are two things that stayed with me the most -

The Special Tone Of Her Voice When She Mentioned Professional
Football Players - and I took it as a Tone Of Respect.

And when she said Hillary Truly Loves Bill.

Now I already knew that since I had read once that Hillary said
that 'Bill is the only Person that can Really make me laugh.'

you got that right Hillary


-FJ said...

Must be a different "Bill"... ;)

sue hanes said...

Maybe -FJ - but I don't think so.

If it is a 'different Bill' - it better not be MY Bill - if Hillary knows what is good for her.

although I'm not sure if I could take Hillary in a catfight. : ]

sue hanes said...
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