Friday, February 17, 2012

the trip home

I'm home now.

But stidh - what about your mother's funeral?

Oh sure I was planning to attend - but my brother took
me aside today and said, 'Sue - we appreciate what ya did
here. You know - stepping up and staying at the hospital
24/7 - from last Sunday night to 4 o'clock this morning -
virtually never leaving her side - and staying the course
when the rest of us went on with our lives.' true dat

Now I'm naturally intuitive - so I was pretty sure what was coming next.

He said, 'Sue - go on home now. Your job here is done.'

I Really wanted to stay - dear readers and noncommenters - but I saw that my Really Mean Family wanted me to go - thinkin' that I would disrupt the Really cool Catholic Mass tomorrow.

My first reaction was to object - but I could see his mind was made up.

He walked me to the car and said, 'Thanks, Sue - for Everything.'

'Hey Bro - No Charge,' I replied.

as I passed the checkout counter I overheard the two clerks mention that an interesting read was THE TRIALS OF LENNY BRUCE - The Fall and Rise
of an American Icon - and the 10 BUCKs included an audio cd of performances, interviews & commentary - so I decided to spring for it
even though I spent a metrof*ckload of money at the Hospital Gift Shop. : ]
this past week.

And although it is a thick book I figured the dirty stuff would make the reading go faster.

As I checked it out I chatted up the Guy Clerk and shared that I have an audio of Moby Dick - as I love hearing the way Herman Melville has a knack for putting together words.

He responded by saying that he did agree and that what a shame it was that
the Classics Were Not Read As Much As They Should Be Today.

But what I thought about on The Journey Home is something else he said -
and that is - that I should check out the Letters Of Ordinary, Uneducated
Backwoodsy Civil War Soldiers - as these letters written to their mothers and wives, etc, came across as NATURAL GENIUS POETRY.

and almost as an added bonus to an already amazing incredible day was the realization that the cd I was listening to of the first movement of Chopin's Sonata No. 3, OP. 58 - the Allegro maestoso - is in fact the same thing that Adrian Brody plays during the credits of The Pianist.

I'm gonna learn it for my mom at the same time I'm studying the Rach 3 -
folks. They don't call me stidh for nothing. :]

well madonna did the super bowl halftime show for her dad - didn't she?