Friday, February 3, 2012

terms I have learned from watching football through the years

Here is what little I know about Football - on my own terms:

~kickoff - getting started

~return - when you get the ball and try to sneak it past the opposing team
into their territory

~interception - when the opposing players get the ball from you then they get
to try to carry it into your territory

~fumble - dropping the ball

~field goal - scoring points

~extra point(s) - can be done by kicking the ball into the opposing team's territory
or by carrying the ball tucked safely under your arm and trying to charge through into
the opposing team's territory

~end zone - either end of the football field where each team has their territory

~unneccessary roughness - getting too into it and letting inner hostilities enter into the
game and this can cause you to get a penalty

~pulling hair - you cannot pull the Really cool long - sometimes braided - hair of players
of the opposing team (I like the long hair and this is a good rule)

~turf - refrers to the part of the football field that is your own (stick to your own kind)

~offsides - this is something that draws a penalty but I'm not sure what

~down - something that you accomplish by carrying the ball for a certain distance (there
are four of them)

~touchdown - when it finally happens : ]

pretty good huh (bl r u fr th gnts?)

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