Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paula Deen's Recipe for Fried Asparagus with Creole Mustard Sauce

Since I have a lot I want to Post for the Super Bowl - I'm going to suggest
that anyone wanting to make the Fried Asparagus should just google the
recipe for it.

But I want to say a few things about it - and that is this is so good that it
is almost a delicacy. 

I like to make a big deal of it - and it's good to get it completly set up
before starting.

Then you can enjoy it right after it is cooked.  It should Really be eaten
right away - as the breading is not good later.

Also - If you can't get the Creole Mustard that is called for in the Mustard Sauce -
just google Creole Mustard and make your own (Dijon Mustard/Worchestshire Sauce
and hot sauce.)

Also I put a lot of Hot Sauce in the Creole Mustard Sauce but first save out part of
it and put less hot sauce in for those who don't like it as hot.

The Sauce should be refrigerated first - if Possible.

I use a FryDaddy for this - works for me.

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