Saturday, February 4, 2012

the other Super Bowl Casserole

VELVEETA CHEESE POTATOES (a type 2 d. recipe)

10 med. potatoes, cooked and diced (or run them through the food processor
like hash browns - it doesn't really matter - does anything Really?)

1 onion - sliced or diced

1/2 lb. Velveeta cheese

s & p to taste

2 sticks butter (to clog up the ol' arteries)

3 slices bread - torn in pieces (she writes wiping a tear from her heart)

Combine potatoes, onions and bread pieces into large casserole dish.

Add s & p to taste.

Melt butter and cheese together.

Pour over mixture.

Bake at 350 degrees.

Or until bubbly and HOT.  : ]

or brown

There is a Really good story to go with this - and it just happened over this
past Christmas.

My sn-lw - we'll call him Jason Kennedy (not his real name)  absolutely loves
potatoes.  So I make this casserole for Christmas dinner.

Then later Jason starts to have leftovers and he doesn't really eat that much
except stuff he REALLY likes.

So I see him put a dab of food on a big plate - and I didn't know that what he was
REALLY gonna load up on was this Velveeta Cheesy Casserole.

Now in the meantime - when we WOMEN WERE CLEANING UP THE DISHES
after Christmas dinner - my younger daughter - not Jason's wife - and I looked at the
casserole and then looked at each other and in exchanging glances Just Knew
that we were going to toss it.

But Jason - thinking that there was a whole lot of this Really good casserole
left  - started saying incoherently - WHAT HAPPENED TO IT.

And as if we I didn't hear him the first time he then shouted, 'WHAT HAPPENDED TO  IT?'

Well folks - let me tell you he was one p*ssed off sn-lw - and so I managed to promise
him that the very next time 'they' came I would make the Velveeta Cheesy Potato
Casserole especially for him.

But this is not about Jason and the Potato Casserole - but rather about how men do tend
to get obsessed over little things - like Food.

 And We Women Know That - See?

We aren't Stupid.

why you might even call me a traditional idiot housewife

Go Right Ahead.


:o )

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