Wednesday, July 11, 2012

science vs religion: a simple solution

In trying to figure out why scientists can't tolerate religion - and why Believers have trouble with the scientific theories - I came up with this: Scientists don't accept miracles because they can't be proven. So there is a Creator who has the ability to perform miracles whenever He wants. And for me - the scientific mind - that can take us into the Universe - well that is a miracle in itself. The Creator gives us the wonderful miracle of science.~~~Do ya get it? It is possible to Believe in Science - and at the same time believe in a Creator - but I have to put the Creator above all.~~~~~And maybe that is something that the Scientist can't do - with the Ego Reigning Supreme.~~~For me - well I can have both. I can believe in the Creator who gives us the Scientist and the Miracles that help us to understand the unfolding of the Universe.~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Works for me.~~~~~~What do YOU think - nonreaders and non commenters. Science and Religion can go hand in hand - if you really think about it. And I do. I Believe in both.


Joe Conservative said...
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Joe Conservative said...

The scientist must at all times "suspend" belief, whereas the believer must at all times suspend "disbelief". Then come the "doubts" and/or the "epiphanies" of "revelations". In many ways, the two are not all that different. ;)

sue hanes said...

My point precisely.